Welcome to the Laboratory

We created Froth & Fur Labs to explore the frontiers of visual content. We're here to help you find new ways to tell stories. And part of that is figuring out how new technology can help.

Let’s Talk About AI

There's a lot of excitement about AI and a lot of fear. Both are justified. But Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have been part of our toolbox for quite some time. AI/ML features have been and are being integrated into most of the day-to-day technical and creative tools in this industry, from Photoshop to Houdini and Maya and Nuke. However we view AI/ML, the world has changed. It's up to us to figure it out.

We believe every organization needs to carefully consider how AI will transform things and we support the conversations about AI that are going on right now in the entertainment industry.

At Froth & Fur, we believe AI can be a great assistant. It can give storytellers superpowers. We use it to augment and empower artists, not replace them.

Virtual Production

There's no substitute for going on location to shoot your film or video. The problem is it's not only extremely expensive to fly around the world with a film crew, it's also pretty bad for the planet. And in a lot of cases it's totally overkill.

Virtual Production uses LED volumes and Unreal Engine to help bring the location to you. It's not a panacea. It's an option. But in a whole lot of cases it's a great option. We have our own in-house VP development team in LA plus an in-house testing studio. And we've partnered with LED volume soundstages in New York and Los Angeles to bring the advantages and power of Virtual Production to clients everywhere.

Finding Ways to Do More, Better

We bring the power of a tech-forward and story-first mentality to a variety of media and content needs, from accelerating concept development and previz to speeding existing production workflows and allowing us to more easily create high-quality deliverables for today's multi-platform world.

We're finding ways to do more, better. We're Froth & Fur Labs.

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