Get the Most From Your TV Commercial Budget

We're working with a financial services company on their 2024 TV commercial campaign, and over the course of our meetings they've asked a lot of great questions. They're working with us because they are ready to level up their TV commercials and social ads. And like any smart brand they want to make sure they get the most for their investment.

Here's some ideas about how your brand can level up and get the most bang for your commercial production buck:

Think Campaign

It's not enough to have a great single idea. To get the most from your investment you need an idea with legs. It's best to think of your commercial as part of a campaign. You need a central idea that can take your audience on a journey throughout the year.

Think 360 Degree

Brands are discovering they need a whole lot more than a thirty-second commercial. You need assets that reach your audience wherever they are. Spending a little more time and money to create them is smart. Maybe you need a :60, a :30, a :15, and even a 6 second version. Maybe you need versions of all of these with multiple Calls-To-Action (CTA). And maybe you need social media (skyscraper/vertical video) versions.

But that's a lot of content for stretched marketing budgets. One way to help make the most of your budget is to shoot everything your brand needs at the same time, by adding a day or two of production.

Bonus: it'll give you a variety of assets that look like they belong together. Which gives you brand recognition with your audience.

Collaborate Early & Often

Collaborating with your video agency early can save you a lot of money. Take advantage of their years of experience in production and storytelling prowess. Crafting a commercial that connects with audiences is something special. So if you're an in-house agency I strongly urge you to partner up with a video agency that understands commercial storytelling and technique. Bringing in a partner like this will elevate your team's work and make you the hero.

Find the Right Commercial Production Partner

I mean, obviously- right? But it's not an easy thing to find the best partner/vendor for you. You can spend a tremendous amount of money with a big ad agency, but maybe that's not what you need. You can also go for a very inexpensive production company that does it on the cheap but then delivers commercials that don't move the needle. Most brands need a commercial production partner somewhere in the middle. Like Goldilocks, you're looking for a partner that's just right.

A lot of it's about finding a partner with the right attitude, who can work with you and bring creative and production expertise to the table, tailored to your needs and budget. Whenever we work with a brand I feel it's our duty to work with them to find ways to make commercials that work for them. It's not about ego, it's about making the best work possible for your needs.

Patrick Ortman is the founder and CEO of Froth & Fur. We work with brands and agencies to tell upscale stories that engage & inspire. Is your brand looking for a TV commercial production company?