TV Commercials

We made a pair of well-received TV commercials for Attorney Big Al. They're a law firm that specializes in auto accidents.

Attorney Big Al had done a ton of local commercials in the past. It was time, as they said, to "level up". They wanted to create two 30-second commercials to expand their brand and get more clients.

We filmed and edited both videos, handling everything, including actors and crews. 

Their CMO paid our team one of the highest compliments we've ever gotten: at the end of the day, after working together all day, he turned to me with a twinkle in his eye and told me he had an idea for the next commercial!

Patrick Ortman, EP and Director

And here's one of the commercials we shot that day. We also wrote this one from scratch:

(Banner image by Jakob Owens via UnSplash)