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Froth & Fur: 2 Silver Telly Awards and 1 Bronze for Right At School
Froth & Fur: 2 Silver Telly Awards and 1 Bronze for Right At School

Right At School came to us to help tell their brand's story. They'd done videos in the past and it was time to really raise the bar with a fantastic brand film. After discussing a variety of story approaches, we all agreed that docustyle was the way to go. We wanted to provide a real and engaging look at RAS and what makes them special. We also needed to inspire their audience and get them to feel the sense of wonder and potential that they had in elementary school. 

But docustyle doesn't mean unpolished. We wrote a script. And then we were confident enough to let people speak in their own words. We had a small but capable crew, yet we shot most of this handheld. There were a whole bunch of visual effects, but they were invisible things that added to the story. Like turning brown grass on a field into a more aesthetically-pleasing green. Objects and people were sometimes removed from scenes digitally.  Skies were sometimes replaced, too.

We definitely worked to polish the film, but in a very naturalistic way that helped advance the story. 

Because It's All About the Story

And so we made sure that first and foremost we presented a real, honest, yet inspiring look at what Right At School is all about. This required a strong vision and great communication between our director and the client. It also meant being able and willing to roll with the story on the spot. It required confident storytelling on set, combined with post-production excellence.

Making this brand film was a very creatively rewarding process. Here's what the client said:

We have received nothing but exuberant feedback from all stakeholders - from our CEO to potential business partners who have been "blown away". I'm writing this review only one week after the project was completed and I can already say it's been worth it. This video will provide value to us for years to come (that is high praise considering the speed at which these types of videos usually lose relevancy). Kudos!