Right At School Brand Documentary
"A Day in the Life at RAS"

We love documentary films.
Especially for brands.

Right At School came to us to help tell their brand's story. They'd done videos in the past and it was time to really raise the bar with a fantastic brand film. We wanted to give their audience a heartfelt but authentic take on a day in the life at Right At School. So we worked with RAS to write the script and then to plan and shoot the multi-city production on the west coast.

Here's what the client said:

We have received nothing but exuberant feedback from all stakeholders - from our CEO to potential business partners who have been "blown away". I'm writing this review only one week after the project was completed and I can already say it's been worth it. This video will provide value to us for years to come (that is high praise considering the speed at which these types of videos usually lose relevancy). Kudos!

This documentary was one of the highest-scored Telly awards in 2023, and brought in 3 wins for Right At School while also creating a content library for the rest of the year's video productions.

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