Corporate Video: Onboarding and Interviews
Onboarding Corporate Film for Financial Advisors

We made this short onboarding corporate video for MassMutual.


This was conceived as a mid-cycle update on Coverpath, to introduce the financial services platform to advisors who hadn't yet been onboarded. 


We knew this couldn't be a straight corporate video. It also needed to include some high-concept aspects to get its audience's attention.

We wrote an opening and closing that included a team of runners in New York City's Roosevelt Island park, with NYC's stunning skyline providing a gorgeous background. Our concept for this project was Coverpath's tagline: "You're on the Right Path with Coverpath". So the runners on paths made a lot of sense.

We also shot parts of this video in a Brooklyn loft and in a nice New York City office building.

We combined these narrative/commercial style segments with interviews of key MassMutual people, to give a presentation that leaned on the personal while giving the audience a quick overview of the platform's features and possibilities.


The video has been a success, and despite its intended limited use is still being used by financial services advisors worldwide.