Corporate Video: Coverpath Brand Launch

We created the brand launch film for MassMutual's new online insurance platform.


MassMutual created Coverpath, the life insurance industry's first all-digital platform for life insurance. It streamlines how financial advisors do life insurance. They needed a brand launch video that would help get advisors to start using the platform. It would debut on a 100 foot screen in front of an audience of nearly 10,000 VIPs including the entire MassMutual C-suite. This was a high-stakes project with multiple stakeholders.


We told the Coverpath story in a way that connected to advisors' hearts and honored the personal relationships advisors have with clients while convincing them to give the platform a try.

We learned all we could about Coverpath and about the life insurance industry. The old way was incredibly inefficient and prone to errors. Advisors had to keep tabs on the process, and it wasn't easy. People and policies inevitably fell through the cracks.

We talked with advisors from the beta launch program, who'd used Coverpath. We interviewed a dozen advisors to learn about their experiences and to find common threads of a story that we could develop to connect with MassMutual's advisors in a heartfelt, authentic way.

After much collaborative discussion and extra-caffeinated late nights, we had our story. It was about changing with the times while honoring the past and the personal relationship advisors have with their clients. It was told by a young advisor who was following in the footsteps of his father, also a MassMutual advisor. The young advisor brought his dad's wisdom and legacy, combining it with the digital experience that current clientele expected and wanted. 

It's important to note that this story felt real because it was real. 

We told the story with that narrative spine interspersed with and emphasized by high production value scripted interviews. We shot the narrative parts on the streets of New York City with the advisor speaking in voiceover, using the grit and reality of the streets of New York, supplemented with eye-catching visual effects to subtly indicate that Coverpath is the future.


The launch was a huge success. It fulfilled its mission to launch the Coverpath brand in a big way, it got advisors interested and pumped about the new platform, and it helped explain how Coverpath can help their businesses succeed and keep their clients happy.

MassMutual was so happy with the work that they've brought us back several times to continue creating attention-getting video content for them. We've also won several video production awards for this work, including a 2019 Telly Award, MarCom Platinum Award, and Hermes Award.