Illumio/Nova Crowdfunding Video
"Running at Night"

A New York and Los Angeles video production about a groundbreaking self-illuminating running jacket.

Collaborating with Indiegogo.
IHA and brand storytelling.

MAS Holdings called us in to help tell their new product's story. They'd engaged Indiegogo's IHA to write the script, so we found ourselves sitting in MAS' conference room in New York's garment district spitballing ideas with the Indiegogo team. It was a blast! In the end, we chose a bicoastal story that highlighted the light-up jacket's safety features. Then we made it happen with our Los Angeles and New York video production teams.

This video was an interesting departure for us, it's not really a commercial. It's a product launch video and it was made for crowdfunding platforms. And yep, it surpassed MAS' financial expectations while also exposing a new audience to their groundbreaking clothing technology. Win-win!

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