Corporate Video: MassMutual
Be the Changemaker

This is a digital B2B (business-to-business) corporate film aimed at MassMutual advisors. It's a mix of commercial and docuseries style filmmaking.


How do you follow up on a massively successful brand launch? MassMutual Coverpath needed to create a "status update" video for its next yearly conference. It needed to generate excitement, communicate how much Coverpath has grown over the past year, and help get advisors involved. This film needed to be produced in 4K ultra-widescreen because it was to be played on the same 100 foot screen, in front of 10,000+ advisors and the MassMutual C-suite. 

This was another high-profile, multiple stakeholder project, and we loved the challenge of topping our previous work.


Like the brand launch film, we did a series of pre-shoot interviews with advisors who have been using the Coverpath platform over the past year, had in-person and virtual meetings with key MassMutual staff, and learned everything we could about how the platform had improved. 

It became clear to us that the changes weren't only about the design and programming of the platform or how it's become so easier to use with more features and utility. These changes to the platform also affected how advisors can connect with, and improve the lives of, their clients. Coverpath is making it easier for advisors to reach clients and build personal bonds with them. It lets them concentrate more on the human side of their practices. It is a big change.

So we wrote a story about that. It's called "Be the Changemaker" and it's about the empowerment of advisors and how Coverpath lets them form and build personal connections with their clients.

This time we went for a more cinematic look for the narrative portions of the film, concentrating on these personal connections We filmed the the project in New York City and in Los Angeles. 

We combined this with high-quality docustyle but scripted interviews filmed in NYC, where advisors talked about their personal experience with the platform.


The final film played for its audience of 10,000 financial services advisors, and the response was amazing and positive. It generated the surge of excitement Coverpath needed as it rolled out to a wider audience. Advisors are even continuing to use it internally to continue evangelizing the Coverpath platform to in-house stakeholders.