Froth & Fur makes videos and 3D animation for screens that fill stadiums to screens that fit in your hand. Proudly made in Los Angeles.

Engage & Inspire

Froth & Fur helps you engage and inspire with video and 3D animation. You also get transparency, access, and accountability. Put another way- if you were Goldilocks and we were porridge? You'd say we were just right.

Our team has won over 30 awards and worked with more than a dozen Fortune 500s and brands you know. Like MassMutual, CapitalOne, Mastercard, Universal Pictures, BMW, PepsiCo, Tipalti, HI-TEC, UCLA, Tufts University, AbbVie, Major League Baseball, Adobe, and Right At School.

Our work's been talked about in the New York Times, Toronto Star, Washington Post, Newsweek, and USA Today. We've also been featured on the Discovery Channel, Hulu, and on Japan's NHK.

We're also known for our in-house post and VFX team that helps big visions come to life.

They opened our eyes to what was possible -- technically & creatively -- to help shape and birth our vision. From a seamless, virtual multi-coastal video production (during COVID no less) to a passion-fueled production workflow from pre-viz to final cut, Patrick and his diverse team created a creative partnership that allowed us to move beyond just getting our ads out the door to producing innovative, industry-influencing work. And just as important as all the nuts and bolts, Patrick and team were just a pleasure to work with -- an often overlooked key ingredient to success.

Jon Jones, Relation Agency (New York & Los Angeles)

From B2B to 3D and Beyond

We work with brands you know and brands you'll know soon. Over a dozen Fortune 500s have trusted us to tell their stories. So far.

We were in need of a new company brand video to be used as a showpiece in discussions with potential future business partners. We first narrowed our search to the Los Angeles area due to a high concentration of 'showcase' customers. After a fun 'Google search and review' of countless creative agency online portfolios, we narrowed our search to three.

Patrick (an owner) impressed us with his immediately fun/lighthearted demeanor, expertise on the latest video production techniques/technologies, and ability to toss around big ideas and visions in real-time during the first chat. What sealed the deal for us was an interview we found with Patrick in an LA magazine/website that showed him as a real person who didn't 'fall in line' with the boring corporate world.

We have a unique creative process in our organization and it was important to us that Patrick felt comfortable. What's our secret? Finding people who are whip-smart and organized enough to buck 'intake forms', 'discovery meeting forms', 'creative brief templates', and work as a human being.

Patrick exceeded our expectations and organically fit right into our flow for Visioning, Storyboarding, Scheduling, Scriptwriting, Interviewing, Day-Of-Shoot Planning, Production, and Post. Super efficient, super easy to work with, and was willing to work within our fun team culture.

We have received nothing but exuberant feedback from all stakeholders - from our CEO to potential business partners who have been "blown away". I'm writing this review only one week after the project was completed and I can already say it's been worth it. This video will provide value to us for years to come (that is high praise considering the speed at which these types of videos usually lose relevancy). Kudos!

CMO, Right At School (Los Angeles & San Diego)

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