MassMutual Coverpath

We hired them to help us create videos to launch our platform to advisors and to help engage them with the platform. Our goal was to foster a positive perceptive of the platform in helping advisors do business more efficiently and to encourage them to try the platform in their own business.

Patrick had a partnership mentality and a deep understanding of the financial services industry. He was part of the team and worked collaboratively with us in all phases of video production from concepting, to writing the script and interfacing with compliance, to the actual shooting.

What I love most about Patrick and team is that they treat us like a partner, not just a client. They genuinely cared about the success of each video we created and the impact they had on our users and engagement. They had a deep understanding of our brand and positioning, which made it easier to work together and deliver completed videos more quickly.

Nicole Sampson, MassMutual


You are an excellent partner.

Erin T., PepsiCo

Right At School

We were in need of a new company brand video to be used as a showpiece in discussions with potential future business partners. We first narrowed our search to the Los Angeles area due to a high concentration of 'showcase' customers. After a fun 'Google search and review' of countless creative agency online portfolios, we narrowed our search to three.

Patrick (the owner) impressed us with his immediately fun/lighthearted demeanor, expertise on the latest video production techniques/technologies, and ability to toss around big ideas and visions in real-time during the first chat. What sealed the deal for us was an interview we found with Patrick in an LA magazine/website that showed him as a real person who didn't 'fall in line' with the boring corporate world.

We have a unique creative process in our organization and it was important to us that Patrick felt comfortable. What's our secret? Finding people who are whip-smart and organized enough to buck 'intake forms', 'discovery meeting forms', 'creative brief templates', and work as a human being.

Patrick exceeded our expectations and organically fit right into our flow for Visioning, Storyboarding, Scheduling, Scriptwriting, Interviewing, Day-Of-Shoot Planning, Production, and Post. Super efficient, super easy to work with, and was willing to work within our fun team culture.

We have received nothing but exuberant feedback from all stakeholders - from our CEO to potential business partners who have been "blown away". I'm writing this review only one week after the project was completed and I can already say it's been worth it. This video will provide value to us for years to come (that is high praise considering the speed at which these types of videos usually lose relevancy). Kudos!

CMO, National Education Company


When I knew this would be a full-service, multifaceted video production request –with last-minute demands– there was no question about going with Patrick on this. Patrick's team can do it all: produce, direct, shoot, edit, create motion graphics, do the audio mix in ProTools, mastering, and more. Everything in a single resource. On top of that, he produced these challenging short films with soul and artistry. He would not sacrifice quality at any turn. As a reward, the piece earned multiple compliments and inquiries from members of our C-level audience.

Britt Benston, Creative Director UCLA Anderson

Relation Agency

At Relation Agency, we're looking to push the limits of storytelling and creative in hopes of rewriting a few chapters of the tired political and cause marketing playbook. We couldn't have found a better partner than Patrick.

Not only did Patrick and his team execute with craftsman precision, he also helped us as a creative partner -- a critical spice in the secret sauce of persuasion creative. They opened our eyes to what was possible -- technically & creatively -- to help shape and birth our vision. From a seamless, virtual multi-coastal shoot (during COVID no less) to a passion-fueled production workflow from pre-viz to final cut, Patrick and his diverse team created a creative partnership that allowed us to move beyond just getting our ads out the door to producing innovative, industry-influencing work.

And just as important as all the nuts and bolts, Patrick and team were just a pleasure to work with -- an often overlooked key ingredient to success.

Jon Jones, Relation Agency

London Ad Agency

We recently undertook a commercial film project with them for a major US-based financial institution. Being a London-based agency we had limited contacts in the US, and took the decision to work direct with a US-based production team, rather than work via a UK studio - knowing this would be more beneficial to our budget. Having gone through a cost & feasibility process with potential suppliers we finally selected Patrick's team - not only due to his costs, but also his creds, ‘can do’ attitude & wealth of experience.

After extensive & well managed pre-production we arrived on set in midtown Manhattan for the shoot comforted by the sight of a full & experienced production crew.

The shoot itself was professionally managed, executed & completed – all with Patrick himself at the helm. Post production - including sound, motion graphics & music - was managed quickly & efficiently (albeit tricky due to multiple client stakeholders).

For us, Patrick was the perfect partner for our project – he is truly passionate about film, and fully understands all the processes within. He is also trustworthy & reliable – which was hugely important to us being overseas and working with significant clients. We are looking forward to future US-based productions, so we get the opportunity to work with Patrick and his team again.

Harry Scotting, CSD Vivid Lime/ICLP, UK

Hi-Tec Hiking Boots

We asked the team to create a high concept 3D model of a shoe that would morph showing the various environments that the footwear is intended for. We reviewed several agencies, ultimately felt that this team would provide the dedicated talent we needed. We started with an idea- spent a great deal of time collaborating and then let Patrick and his team do their thing.

Patrick was our contact. It was so easy to work with him- he developed a great rapport with our designers and really worked hard to get the results we needed. We were amazed by the ease of communication and their design skills.

The video is truly fantastic. We spent the time finessing it to ensure the quality was there - thrilled with the outcome.

Lisa Schein, SVP Marketing Galaxy Universal

Unrivaled Agency

They were provided a story board and AV script for a 3D billboard that we needed produce. The story board was fairly loose and left a lot open to interpretation, allowing them the freedom to integrate their vision and expertise into the project, which was greatly appreciated.

The 2:30 long video involved a series of simulations and optical illusions which required very specific projecting and lighting requirements, and had a very tight timeline to execute. The final deliverable was a video file that met our specific requirements to playback correctly on a large video wall.

They were very responsive and their project management was one of the best experiences I have had. They were very communicative throughout the process, checked in on a regular basis, and their communication style was very transparent and honest. When issues or last minute changes did arise they jumped on them immediately and had resolutions within a day or two to get the project back on track.

They really set themselves apart with their communication. At no point was I left wondering if the project on track for delivery, or if they had misunderstood a request. They asked all of the right questions and had consistant and frequent report backs on their progress.

Coty Creighton, Creative Director Unrivaled Agency


I am writing with my highest recommendation of Patrick Ortman and his video production team. Patrick and colleagues did a fantastic job with our series of therapist training videos for treating childhood autism. This UCLA/NIMH project was a complex undertaking with a ton of material, and we needed a video director and producer who "got" the details without losing sight of the big picture. Patrick worked closely with us throughout all phases of the production to deliver videos that exceeded our expectations, both creatively and technically. His dedication to the craft of filmmaking, and his team's attitude and professionalism on set were a joy. They even took a (rare for LA) rainy week of filming and turned the set into bright sunny days to better suit the material!

Patrick regularly came out to UCLA to meet with us before and after shooting the films. He was extremely attentive to detail and took our scripts and improved them, gave critical feedback, and posed extremely precise questions to permit him and his team to realize our vision on film. There were so many materials needed for our many scenes, all shot within a week, and Patrick and colleagues helped us get organized and have everything ready so there would be no delay in filming on set. Further, he was incredibly collaborative and solicited our input throughout every step of the process, including during casting and filming. When we had input on acting performances on set, Patrick took the time to understand our feedback and make adjustments on the spot. Because of this careful attention to detail, we have a large library of videos that will be turned over to the public domain in service of people with autism that we fully expect to have an important impact on clinical practice across the country. We have already begun planning for the next project with Patrick, and we couldn’t recommend him more highly.

Jeffrey Wood, PhD., Professor of Education and Psychiatry University of California, Los Angeles

Financial Services Brand

They were creative, efficient, and effective throughout the engagement. They were also highly collaborative and open to feedback, which was described as a breath of fresh air. Most of all, they understood the end-client's brand. They were a great value. They delivered the result we were looking for and were a delight to work with in the process.

Marketing Consultant & Advisor

Cumming Corporation

They are a pleasure to work with. Patrick brought our vision to life and brought our video to the next level. He was flexible and was able to execute deadlines. His energy and charisma definitely helped. He has a team of talented individuals from scripting, sound, make up, casting, etc. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a sophisticated corporate video.

Melinda Albright, Director of Marketing Cumming Corporation

They were on the shortlist for our TV commercials from the start. Patrick's work is excellent, and he's easy to work with. But what impressed me most was how he took a real interest in our company. He listened to my needs and wants, and he responded with ideas that fit those needs and wants. When I came back with changes, he worked with me- he did not try to force ideas that wouldn't work for us, nor did he blindly do what we asked. Instead, he took an ownership role in the process, and was a true creative partner. Of course, Patrick and his team's ability to execute on our shared vision was also highly impressive. We're very proud of the TV commercial campaign Patrick created for us, and we look forward to working with him again.

Kevin Miller, Rentals


A visionary with a great team and the willingness to work side-by-side with his clients' concepts and ideas are only a few of the reasons we enjoyed working with – and will continue to work with Patrick Ortman. Being from a [Design] services industry myself - and being a stickler for quality - I've been impressed with the results of each video production.

Damien Dalli, Chief Product Officer myLanguage, Los Angeles & San Francisco

Tufts University/Breakfast in the Classroom

Patrick – these are awesome. Really great work. Thanks to you and your team for all of your work on them.

Holly Djang Carmichael National Nonprofit Organization

Bes'Dam Soup

As a Nationally distributed brand, Bes'Dam Soup needed to produce an updated TV commercial for part of a current marketing blitz. Froth & Fur was selected for this project. We initially had a discovery meeting, then quickly went to the concept. I needed an extremely short turn around time (10 days!). Luckily, most of the project involved working with existing footage that I owned. I was amazed at how well Patrick from Froth & Fur knew exactly what I needed. I trusted him to come up with an initial segment for my review. I made ZERO changes...he nailed it. That never happens.

Ed Covino, CEO Bes'Dam Soup

Real Estate Brand

Selecting a producer to create a TV commercial is extremely difficult. I'm a Realtor and hiring Patrick to produce my first TV commercial was absolutely the greatest decision I made. There's no reason to be fearful. Patrick did a phenomenal job and was always available to help me with any questions. Patrick has my business for life!

Kevin Paffrath The Paffrath Organization, Ventura, California

iCapital Network

Many thanks for your patience, professionalism, preparation and collaboration over the past few years. Our business is changing every day and you and your team really helped us capture the spirit of our fast-growing start-up!

Hannah Grove, Chief Marketing Officer iCapital Network, New York

Tastemaker Who Likes Our Work

I see so many awful, cheeseball spots in our market, it sure is nice to know someone out there knows how to do it right.

Jack Rowland St. Petersburg Times

Butler Bros.

Our client needed to shoot interviews at an event that was out of town for both our agency and for them. Patrick was a huge help on the ground, scoping out the site and making recommendations about how to best capture the footage and ensure the best, most strategic results. Patrick took extra time and care to deliver a finished product that was well-loved by our client, hanging with us through feedback from multiple parties that extended out over time. His work is of the highest quality, the experience seamless, and I would recommend Patrick to other creative agencies looking for a director/production partner.

Christine Lopez, Client Services Director The Butler Bros., Austin Texas

Purpose Built

Our objective was to create a sleek, forward-thinking and well-branded production. Ideally, the video aimed to balance an aspirational quality with the broader appeal of our product’s functional operations. We needed multiple edits that varied from 30 seconds up to two minutes in duration.

Patrick took a deep dive into our business to understand our product, target customer base, and overarching goals. We worked collaboratively to write a script, select locations, and vet actors. From there, they flawlessly executed the project from start to finish. We had some last-minute needs and requests, which they always happily accommodated. They delivered what we needed time and time again.

We used the commercial and brand video to successfully launch our brand. The video assets they produced were a significant factor in our success. We beat our initial launch goals by more than ten times. I have no doubt that their work played a critical role in those stellar results.

The collaboration was excellent. They made everything feel comfortable. Our communication was clean and crisp. It was helpful that we agreed on most things. Even when we had different opinions, our incredibly valuable conversations would lead to the best result.

Overall, the quality of the final result is the most notable criteria for our engagement. I admired the ease with which they worked. Their willingness to adjust to our changing needs stood out as exceptionally impressive

Alexander Eburne, Purpose Built

Waitex Group

They are an extremely professional video company. From the script, to the shoot, to the editing, they adhere closely to all our needed deadlines and could grasp quickly the idea of what we wanted and created a wonderfully shot and coherent video that told a story. It incorporated all the many diverse materials that we sent and they were always extremely quick to respond and accomodating to all our different requests and offices (from all over the world). Patrick has a great personality and was an overall delight to work with, you will always be greeted with transparency and a quick turnaround. We highly recommend them for any corporate video needs.

Ken Li, President The Waitex Group, New York