Froth & Fur makes 3D animated videos that engage and inspire. We do it for screens on the sides of big buildings, for television, and for the screen that fits in your pocket.

Engage & Inspire

Be from the heart. Be funny. Be awesome. Make 3D animated videos that engage and inspire. We've got your back.

Froth & Fur is a USA-based studio that does character animation, 3D billboards, and commercials.

We've worked with big agencies and brands you know like MassMutual, BMW, PepsiCo, Hi-Tec, Right At School, and CapitalOne. We also work with brands you'll know soon.

We asked the team to create a high concept 3D model of a shoe that would morph showing the various environments that the footwear is intended for. We were amazed by the ease of communication and their design skills. The video is truly fantastic. We spent the time finessing it to ensure the quality was there - thrilled with the outcome.

SVP Marketing, HI-TEC

Types of 3D Animated Videos

  • Digital Out Of Home (DOOH)
  • 3D product videos
  • 3D animated billboards
  • 3D animated commercials and social posts
  • Children's animated TV shows

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Froth & Fur helped us with their video production services, including the creation of a photorealistic 3D model of a city hall based on photographs. We collaborated with their team to recreate an inauguration scene at the city hall in New York City. Moreover, they did a lot of greenscreen work, recruited actors, implemented 3D visuals, and did post-production work.

The video is now live on our website and was generally well-received by viewers. It even significantly raised people’s intentions to cast their votes — which was a big deal.

Jon Jones, Relation Agency

The Latest

  • B2B marketplace leader Clutch ranks Froth & Fur as the top 3D animation company (March 2024)
  • We've also been selected as the top 3D animation studio in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco (March 2024)
  • Case Study: How we helped a brand sell the story for their animated commercial using AI

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