Froth & Fur makes you the hero with industry-leading creative and production plus one of the best client experiences on the planet. You get award-winning, results-getting 3D animation and visual effects for screens that fill stadiums to screens that fit in your hand.

Our Story

Froth & Fur's 3D animation team grew organically as we created larger and more involved video productions for our clients that required 3D and visual effects. We're now a global team of artists who provide custom and tailored solutions ranging from mograph-style 3D animation to character animation, visual effects, simulations, projection mapping, 3D animated billboard design and development, and real-time vfx. As our team has grown we began providing these services directly to outside brands.

We stand out because we're also filmmakers and directors. Not just techs. So even our most technically demanding work has story and soul.

Things We Make

  • 3D explainer videos and product videos
  • 3D Animated Billboards/ 3D Anamorphic Billboards and other Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) content
  • 3D animated commercials & social media

Request a Meeting

We asked the team to create a high concept 3D model of a shoe that would morph showing the various environments that the footwear is intended for. We were amazed by the ease of communication and their design skills. The video is truly fantastic. We spent the time finessing it to ensure the quality was there - thrilled with the outcome.

SVP Marketing, HI-TEC

The Latest

  • Clutch ranks Froth & Fur as the top 3D animation company for brands
  • We recently completed a 3D animation project for Berry Nice Water
  • We're ranked the top Los Angeles 3d animation company by The Manifest
  • We won three 2023 Telly Awards, including two silvers
  • Froth & Fur completed a 3D animated commercial for HI-TEC

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