3D Animated Billboard

We recently created a 3D animated billboard for an agency client. They're also known as "naked eye 3D billboards" or anamorphic billboards. And they are incredibly cool. They combine motion with a truly unique 3D effect. Here's an example from Nike:

Ours had 3D simulations that showed explosions, liquid bursts, and a lot of particle dynamics. These sims highlighted the features of the end client's products. 

The final billboard was part of a very large trade show booth.

Sadly, we can't show the work publicly due to confidentiality agreements. But here's what our  client had to say about it:

They were provided a story board and AV script for a 3D billboard that we needed produce. The story board was fairly loose and left a lot open to interpretation, allowing them the freedom to integrate their vision and expertise into the project, which was greatly appreciated.

The 2:30 long video involved a series of simulations and optical illusions which required very specific projecting and lighting requirements, and had a very tight timeline to execute. The final deliverable was a video file that met our specific requirements to playback correctly on a large video wall.

They were very responsive and their project management was one of the best experiences I have had. They were very communicative throughout the process, checked in on a regular basis, and their communication style was very transparent and honest. When issues or last minute changes did arise they jumped on them immediately and had resolutions within a day or two to get the project back on track.

They really set themselves apart with their communication. At no point was I left wondering if the project on track for delivery, or if they had misunderstood a request. They asked all of the right questions and had consistant and frequent report backs on their progress.

Agency Creative Director

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