3D Billboard Production

3D billboards are super cool. Froth & Fur makes them for agencies and brands.

We started getting inquiries about a year ago. Can you do a 3D billboard? It started with smaller brands, then big brands and pharma companies came knocking. And organizations like the Kennedy Space Center. Plus advertising agencies of all kinds. All of them wanted to harness the power of 3D anamorphic billboards.

If you've been in Times Square you've seen these in action, above the Hershey's store or taking over the corners of buildings. Even on a skyscraper at Penn Station. You can also see them in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and many international destinations.

The brilliance of these billboards is you get a full 3D illusion that doesn't need special glasses or anything. You just have to be standing in approximately the right place, and boom! Instant 3D animation.

Our first 3D billboards debuted at tradeshow booths and corporate headquarters. Since then, we've been creating 3D billboard productions as a white label service to advertising agencies and their clients. Is your brand or agency looking for 3D animated billboard production?

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