We're a Top New York Video Production Company

We're super thrilled that Peerspace has selected us as one of New York's top video production companies for their 2024 list "10 Awesome Video Production Companies in New York". This year we're ranked #2 in NYC, just after Vayner Media- a much larger company.

If you look at our work you'll immediately see that New York plays a huge role in our company's success. We opened our NYC office in 2015 and it's grown significantly.

Froth & Fur's CEO Patrick Ortman says:

I'm particularly proud of our New York business. You know the old song, if you can make it here you can make it anywhere. But it's true. We work hard for all our clients, we're not part of some big agency holding company. We're indie and scrappy and that's how we like it. And although it took awhile, a number of our largest and most successful clients are in New York. They range from Fortune 500s like MassMutual and CapitalOne to smaller companies and brands. Plus one nonprofit for children in New York that's close to my heart.

Froth & Fur is a video agency with offices in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco's Bay Area. We work with brands you know and brands you'll know soon.

Here's our New York page for more information.