Social media video production made in Los Angeles by Froth & Fur

Social Media 3D Animation

An agency client came to us to help them create some video marketing content. We created a bunch of 3D animated social media videos, brainstorming concepts with them and playing with physics simulations. Confidentiality agreements won't let us show exactly what we did, but here's a pretty good facsimile. Suffice to say, the client achieved their goals and we're set to do more with them. Thirsty?

We asked the team to create a high concept 3D model of a shoe that would morph showing the various environments that the footwear is intended for. We started with an idea- spent a great deal of time collaborating and then let Patrick and his team do their thing. The video is truly fantastic. We spent the time finessing it to ensure the quality was there - thrilled with the outcome.
- SVP, Galaxy Universal