Social media video production made in Los Angeles by Froth & Fur

Massmutual- "Easier Than Brunch"

Writer/Director/Producer - Patrick Ortman
Director of Photography - Lawrence Le
Production Designer - Audrey Ledoux
Assistant Director - Stacey Nation
Assistant Producer - Jessica Rothert

MassMutual tasked us with finding ways to grow the audience for their Coverpath insurance product. We suggested a series of social-first and funny commercials that explained why Coverpath was the smart choice for life insurance. We then wrote the series and shot it in Los Angeles. This social media video series has won 11 awards for our innovative take on explaining life insurance.

Patrick had a partnership mentality and a deep understanding of the financial services industry. He was part of the team and worked collaboratively with us in all phases of video production from concepting, to writing the script and interfacing with compliance, to the actual shooting.

What I love most about Patrick and team is that they treat us like a partner, not just a client. They genuinely cared about the success of each video we created and the impact they had on our users and engagement. They had a deep understanding of our brand and positioning, which made it easier to work together and deliver completed videos more quickly.
- Nicole Sampson, MassMutual