Social media video production made in Los Angeles by Froth & Fur

Massmutual- "Teachers"

Writer/Director/Producer - Patrick Ortman
Director of Photography - Lawrence Le
Production Designer - Audrey Ledoux
Assistant Director - Stacey Nation
Assistant Producer - Jessica Rothert

MassMutual tasked us with finding ways to grow the audience for their Coverpath insurance product. We suggested a series of social-first and funny commercials that explained why Coverpath was the smart choice for life insurance. We then wrote the series and shot it in Los Angeles. This social media video series has won 11 awards for our innovative take on explaining life insurance.

What I loved most about this very special commercial project is how much Wade Seward and marketing's Nicole Sampson at MassMutual trusted me. They actively encouraged us to really go for it with these videos, so I put a lot of myself and my comedic sensibility into them from writing through production. I'm super proud of the work we did together. The life insurance industry is not known for being forward-thinking or willing to try new things. So I'll treasure this amazing experience forever. Thank you, MassMutual.
- Patrick Ortman, Froth & Fur